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BrainTeasers are puzzles that trick us into making faulty assumptions. Like a magic act, they rely on misdirection. When we're presented with a statement, we make assumptions about words and meaning. The goal of a BrainTeaser is to cleverly lead us into making the wrong assumptions. Learning the deceptions behind BrainTeasers can help you think "outside the box," stretch your creativity, and impress your friends.



Tips for Telling BrainTeasers
Challenge others to solve BrainTeasers and keep them from giving up too soon.

1 page

Linguistic BrainTeasers
Faulty assumptions about words, grammar, and vocabulary.
Word pronounced wrong, Between heaven and earth, Add letters-make shorter, Remove letters-pronounce same, Photo-artificial leg, Two coins-one not nickel, Cabin-dies, Deer-shot, Dollars worth more.

4 pages

Math & Logic BrainTeasers
Faulty assumptions involving numbers and reasoning.
Maximum subtractions, Chess games, Picking socks, Maximum money, Hotel bill, Jar drain, Address labels, Bug crawl, Tire travel, Coalminer faces, Native lies; visitor truths, Cannibal cookout, Barber haircuts, River crossing.

6 pages

Science & Technology BrainTeasers
Faulty assumptions involving science, nature, and technology.
Stabbed-no weapon, Hanged-puddle of water, Birds in space, Tallest mountain, Train smoke, Ropes from ceiling, Weighing coins, Box weighs less.

3 pages

Social BrainTeasers
Faulty assumptions about gender, relationships, personification, and life & death.
Father/son accident, Father of son, Name of daughter, Son's father, Half are boys, Man married women, Sons & sisters, Female in puddle, Male loses leg, Plane crashes, Widow's sister, Man & gift.

5 pages

Space & Time BrainTeasers
Faulty assumptions about directions, locations, dates, and times.
Pitcher throws baseball, Retrieve ring from bottle, Woman drives home, Boy drops egg, Man falls off ladder, Car with flat wins race, Car passes cop at red light, Days in months, Christmas/New Year's, Boy's age span, Dog & speeding car, Walking without umbrella.

5 pages
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